GOJIRA Spreading Eco-Friendly Message

October 9, 2009

Eric Andersen of The Daily Iowan reports: GOJIRA is spreading the message of environmentalism one pummeling riff at a time.

Guitarist, vocalist, and vegetarian Joe Duplantier grew up in Ondres — a small town in southwestern France — which he said is full of natural beauty and a scenic ocean landscape. His experience there, with GOJIRA drummer and brother Mario Duplantier, is what got him interested in the issue of saving the environment.

"When a boat would sink with oil, we were the first to see it, and we couldn't get in the ocean anymore because it was spoiled for almost two years," Duplantier said. "So that's probably one reason why we care, because we actually could see the effect firsthand."

Read the entire report from The Daily Iowan.

Professionally filmed video footage of GOJIRA's April 4, 2009 performance at the Garorock Festival in Marmande, France can be viewed below.

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