GOREFEST: Moscow Concert Footage, Photos Available

December 3, 2007

Russia's Darkside.ru has video footage and photos of GOREFEST's December 1, 2007 concert at Club Tochka in Moscow. Check out the pictures at this location. The clip can be viewed below.

GOREFEST's setlist was as follows:

01. The Glorious Dead
02. State of Mind
03. For the Masses
04. When the Dead Walk the Earth
05. Revolt
06. Rise to Ruin
07. Mental Misery
08. You Could Make Me Kill
09. Babylon's Whores
10. Get-a-Life
11. Erase
12. The War on Stupidity
13. Reality / When You Die
14. Speak When Spoken To
15. Confessions of a Serial Killer

GOREFEST's new album, "Rise to Ruin", entered the Dutch chart at position No. 61 back in August. Released in the U.S. on September 25 via Candlelight, the CD was mixed by Danish producer Tue Madsen at his Antfarm studios in Århus, Denmark. "He managed to make everything sound even heavier than we'd imagined," guitarist Frank Harthoorn previously said.

GOREFEST's last CD, "La Muerte", was released in October 2005 via Nuclear Blast Records.

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