GOREROTTED Guitarist Says Former Frontman MR. GORE Was 'Crap Vocalist'

June 25, 2005

GOREROTTED guitarist Fluffy (a.k.a. Tim) recently spoke to Metal Temple's Makis Kirkos about the band's new album, "A New Dawn for the Dead" (Metal Blade Records),and their future plans. A couple of excerpts from the interview follow:

Metal Temple: Apart from the obvious reference to the classic horror film, the new album is also like a statement... A new dawn for you guys. Is that something that has to do mainly with the departure of Mr. Gore [former singer]?

Fluffy: "Man, I'm getting sick of talking about Mr. Gore everyday. I don't ever wanna hear that fucking name again! He did fuck-all in this band after 'Only Tools and Corpses' (2003) was released. Didn't write jack shit when it came to music and was a crap vocalist towards the end of his time with us. People think he was the main guy in GOREROTTED or something but he didn’t do any fucking thing at all. So yeah, it is like a 'new dawn' for the band. New five piece lineup, new artist, new studios... loads has changed."

Metal Temple: I never really liked Mr.Gore, to be honest. You sound a lot better without him and the vocals are brutal, man, really cool. Only blood, blood, blood yet very technical.

Fluffy: "Don’t get me wrong, there was a time when I really liked Mr. Gore as a vocalist and as a person, he was one of my best friends. Sadly that time has gone! I'll tell Ben Goreskin (vocals) you like his lovely voice! [laughs]"

Metal Temple: The new songs sound dark to me, raw and GOREROTTED. What was the feeling during the recordings?

Fluffy: "We were totally cut off from the world when recording. We stayed in a small village near Munich and just recorded and drank all day. There was about 50 centimeters of snow everywhere so we just stayed indoors, recorded, then ran to the store for some vodka and sat in the sauna. Really cool atmosphere to work in."

Read the entire interview at this location.

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