January 25, 2008

The next issue of Sweden Rock — Scandinavia's self-proclaimed "biggest rock and metal magazine" — will include a four-page feature on the Norwegian black metal band GORGOROTH where both currently active versions of the group get a chance to be heard. In addition to conducting interviews with guitarist Infernus and bassist King ov Hell (who are now involved in a legal battle over the rights to the group's name),Sweden Rock spoke to Per Gyllenbäck, the owner of Regain Records, about his position in the dispute between the former bandmates. A couple of excerpts from the article follow:

Regarding the decision by Patentstyret (The Norwegian Industrial Property Office, which is responsible for processing applications for patent protection, and for trademark and design registration) to grant them the rights to the GORGOROTH name and logo:

King ov Hell: "It is now our legal right to use the name and logo. Infernus can try and appeal [the decision]. Regain Records and Infernus seem to be ignoring this anyway since they've announced a new lineup and the release of an album they don't have the right to release."

Regarding Infernus being fired:

King ov Hell: "He knows exactly why he got fired, and that we didn't even address some of the issues [publicly]. The best thing would be if he could just accept the loss and let this whole thing go. Infernus also brings up issues like me being the band's seventh bass player and that Gaahl is the third vocalist. From my point of view, I've contributed a lot more in the last ten years than my predecessors have. It's insane."

Regarding Regain Records' position in the dispute:

King ov Hell: "They probably thought that Infernus would win. We never told them that we would release another album through Regain, and now we're definitely not going to do that. We have the contract and we've torn it apart. They are now supporting a person who owns neither name nor logo. Nice work!"

Infernus' response to King ov Hell's claims:

"Well, that's their opinion. Patentstyret first has to have their request approved through two different authorities and it has now only passed the first one. After that, it's up to the courts to make a final decision. I have the full support of Regain Records and feel good about the current situation.

"I swear by the Devil that I have long-term plans for all of this. I will never let my personal integrity or agenda be dishonored by ugly tricks, commercialization or try to reach a wider audience. I'd rather eat rat poison than to at any cost try and be friends with German music journalists or tour in the States as an opener for ANTHRAX."

The new issue of Sweden Rock magazine will be available on newsstands in Sweden on February 12.

René Ackermann of Contraband Candy conducted an interview with King Ov Hell and Gaahl during the UK leg of the group's recently completed European tour. Topics include new drummers, the band's upcoming live album, their legendary Polish gig in Krakow and talks of staging another blasphemous gig in the future. Watch the 10-minute chat below.

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