Guitarist JOHN5 Says Split With MARILYN MANSON Was 'Completely Amicable'

September 14, 2004

In an interview with, guitarist John5 (DAVID LEE ROTH, TWO) dismissed the idea that his departure from MARILYN MANSON was fraught with friction. "What actually happened was, at the end of the tour, we were just on different roads," he explained. "It was completely amicable. He just wanted to write with other members of the band, and I wanted to do other things."

Asked if Manson's public comments to the contrary were for publicity, John5 replied, "I don't know, but everything's fine."

John5 also shed light on the difference between working with Rob Halford (in TWO),David Lee Roth and Manson. "Rob was a true, true professional," John5 said. "He was so good at his craft. He was such a pleasure. Working with him was fantastic because he's such a great guy. I don't think I ever saw him mad.

"David Lee Roth is the true rock star. He was running the show: 'This is how we're going to do it, boys,' like the old VAN HALEN. I had a blast with David Lee Roth. As for Manson, everyone always asks me if Manson is real. He definitely is real and a true artist.

"[Manson's] a great songwriter, producer, a great individual. That's why I stayed with Manson. He was so real. He was not a joke. But all three are very different individuals."

Read the entire interview at this location.

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