GUNS N' ROSES Joined By BUBBLES From 'Trailer Park Boys' In Tokyo

July 19, 2007

Keith Tarrier of Rock and Roll All Nite has submitted the following report: "I was just at the historic Budokan in Tokyo [on July 18] to see GUNS N' ROSES. As well as [putting on] another awesome show here in Japan, GN'R invited special guest Bubbles [a.k.a. actor/musician Mike Smith] from the 'Trailer Park Boys' [Canadian comedy show/film] to sing that 'Liquor and Whores' song [which Smith performs in character on 'Trailer Park Boys']. Bubbles took front stage and the band played the whole song. The Japanese crowd were not too sure who Bubbles was, but they were into the song nonetheless as they knew this was something special to see. GN'R clocked in tonight's performance at just on two and a half hours. Once again they played 'Don't Cry'. Next GN'R move on to Osaka on [Saturday, July 21] to finish off their Japan tour."

GUNS N' ROSES was previously joined by Julian, Ricky and Bubbles from the "Trailer Park Boys" on November 20, 2006 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada for a performance of "Liquor and Whores". The entire GUNS N' ROSES band, including Axl Rose, played the song, with Bubbles singing and playing guitar.

"We're not too far from our own trailer park," Rose said after the track was performed. "I think that's going to become a staple of our set. We're going to have to play those guys some royalties."

Check out a video clip of the "Trailer Park Boys" and GUNS N' ROSES performing "Liquor and Whores" live in Halifax at YouTube.

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