GWAR Frontman Comments On VIRGINIA TECH Massacre

May 3, 2007

MTV's Headbanger's Blog has posted the first "Countdown to Sounds of the Underground" guest blog entry, featuring GWAR's "psychotic" frontman Oderus Urungus. An excerpt follows:

"As the tour drew to a close, the Virginia Tech shootings took place. In Europe, there was a sneering awareness of the event, a 'we-told-you-so' attitude that flew me into a violent rage, trashing two cities, five towns, eight villages, and several armored divisions. How dare the 'losers' of the greatest war this world has ever seen decry the proud United States? After all, isn't the U.S. the closest thing this world has got to the Nazis nowadays?

"You'd think all of Germany would break into spontaneous fits of murderous mass violence everytime another gun-related rampage was announced! And indeed it did a few years back in the town of Erfurt, Germany, where 19-year-old Robert Steinhauser killed 16 people and then himself in a school shooting weirdly reminiscent of the Columbine attack. And what do those two incidents, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Waco slaughter, Hitler's death-day and now the Virginia Tech massacre have in common besides being completely sick and wrong? They all occurred within the same week! Not the same year of course, but the coincidence is too great to be ignored! Cosmic forces are at work beyond the control of even GWAR! Quick, burn a goat on the altar of Shub-Niggaroth, and pray for guidance!"

Read more at Headbanger's Blog.

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