April 27, 2014

HALESTORM's Lzzy Hale makes a guest appearance on "Shatter Me", the title track of the new album from the American violinist, dancer, performance artist and composer Lindsey Stirling. The CD will be released on April 29 and is accompanied by a video for "Shatter Me", also featuring Hale. You can now check out the clip below. Also available is a seven-minute video clip featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the recording sessions for "Shatter Me".

Stirling, a 27-year-old native of Orange County, California, and an "America's Got Talent" alum (she placed fifth in 2007),has sold more than 100,000 copies of her self-titled, independently released debut album since its arrival in the fall of 2012. She also has about 2.5 million Facebook fans and 274,000 Twitter followers.

Regarding how her collaboration with Lzzy came about, Lindsey said: "This song is very, very — obviously — different for a Lindsey Stirling track, because I've never written lyrics before, I've never gotten to blatantly say what I feel. I mean, all my songs have meaning behind them and I try to express that very strongly through the emotion that I want the song to feel for everyone. This time I got to literally say, 'This is what I want to share.' It was so important for me to find the right singer for it, becase I had in my mind the idea of who I wanted. I love vocalists like Hayley Williams from PARAMORE and Amy Lee from EVANESCENCE, so I really wanted a powerhouse, rock-star female vocalist. I came across Lzzy Hale's videos and HALESTORM's stuff, and I was just blown away by the energy that Lzzy has on stage, on camera, in her tracks. I immediately got really excited and was just keeping my fingers crossed that she would have a window to come and do this with me. So I reached out to her management, and really quickly, they responded right back that Lzzy was really excited about the track."

She added: "I had actually never heard of Lzzy before, I'm ashamed to admit it. And it's even funnier because she had never heard of me, and we both kind of became immediate fans of each other's work."

"Shatter Me" video:

Studio footage from "Shatter Me" recording sessions:

"Shatter Me" album preview:


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