HAMMERFALL Go Completely Digital On Forthcoming CD

May 31, 2002

HAMMERFALL's as-yet-untitled fourth full-length studio album, which is currently being recorded at HELLOWEEN singer Andy Deris' studio Mi Sueno in Tenerife, Spain, is the group's first CD to be recorded completely digitally (i.e. there is no tape involved). "Renegade was done digitally, but still onto DA-88 tapes, so it doesn't quite qualify," stated guitarist Oscar Dronjak. "I was a bit skeptical towards recording everything on to a hard drive at first, but having worked with a similar system with the demos, it wasn't completely new to me. Besides, hearing the result sound so good already blew away what little doubt there was left. We might run the stuff (or at least the drums) through a two-inch tape recorder anyway, to get that 'dirty', analogue feel which makes everything sound more natural and less clinically clean."

Produced by Charlie Bauernfeind (i.e. BLIND GUARDIAN, GAMMA RAY, RAGE) and due to be released in late October through Nuclear Blast Records, the forthcoming album will include the following cuts, among others:

01. Trailblazers
02. Riders Of The Storm
03. Hearts On Fire
04. The Unforgiving Blade
05. Hero's Return
06. Angel Of Mercy (CHASTAIN cover)

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