HAMMERFALL Guitarist Checks In

July 6, 2005

HAMMERFALL guitarist Oscar Dronjak has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"First off, sorry for not updating the news in a while. As you probably know, we have been on tour quite a lot the past months, and that is one of the reasons for my tardiness. But if you live in Europe, I guarantee you it was worth the wait: the fall/winter of 2005 will see HAMMERFALL and STRATOVARIUS doing a double headliner on the road together! For five-and-a-half weeks, we'll be travelling around, from Finland and Sweden in the north to Italy and Spain in the south, from France and Benelux in the west to Slovenia and Hungary in the east, and Germany and Austria and everything else in between. It will be total madness, and a lot of fun times for everyone! Check our tour page for more details regarding this monumental live experience, as I'm sure it will be remembered as.

"The around-the-world trip we undertook in May was a fantastic success, with some definitive highlights in Tokyo, Guadalajara, Santiago and Sao Paolo. Ah, hell, they were all tremendous! Thanks everyone for helping make the shows the complete euforias they were, hope to see you all again next time!

"The audience reception at the gigs so far have been overwhelming, and I don't expect it to wane anytime soon with all the great stuff we've got coming up. The coming weekend, we'll be in Sundsvall, Kristianstad (both Sweden) and Gentofte (outside of Copenhagen, Denmark). The weekend after that, we'll be in the Czech Republic for two shows, should be spectacular.

"Hope to see and hear you at one or more of these live events."

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