June 9, 2002

Sweden's HAMMERFALL are currently finishing up the rhythm guitar tracks and vocals for their as-yet-untitled fourth full-length studio album at HELLOWEEN singer Andy Deris' studio Mi Sueno in Tenerife, Spain. According to guitarist Oscar Dronjak, "working with [producer] Charlie [Bauernfeind, i.e. BLIND GUARDIAN, GAMMA RAY, RAGE] is a true joy. He is attentive to your strengths and weaknesses, and he responds accordingly. If something takes a little longer than usual, he just lets you play until you get it. While everybody we have worked with has had a similar attitude, I have heard horror stories about producers who don't have the slightest smoothness when dealing with creative people. You can't just turn on the faucet and have the water running, if you know what I mean. This ability to create the atmosphere that we need to perform our best is one of the most important traits of a producer, and Charlie is very good at making you feel comfortable while playing."

Ten songs are being recorded for the album, which is tentatively due to be released in late October through Nuclear Blast Records. Among the cuts set to be included on the effort are the following:

01. Trailblazers
02. Riders Of The Storm
03. Hearts On Fire
04. The Unforgiving Blade
05. Hero's Return
06. Angel Of Mercy (CHASTAIN cover)
07. On The Edge Of Honour
08. Crimson Thunder
09. Lore Of The Arcane

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