HAMMERFALL Salutes Fans In Music Video For New Single 'Brotherhood'

February 23, 2022

Swedish metallers HAMMERFALL have released their latest single, "Brotherhood" — the third track from their upcoming studio album, "Hammer Of Dawn". "Brotherhood" is a musical salute to HAMMERFALL's most loyal fans, The Templars Of Steel, who have stuck by the band through thick and thin. It's also a heartfelt internal nod to each other, recognizing the very close bond the bandmembers have with one another, especially between guitarist Oscar Dronjak and singer Joacim Cans, whose brotherhood began way back in 1996.

Again enlisting the help of seasoned video vanguard Patric Ullaeus to help them capture the essence of the song to film, HAMMERFALL has created a video that perfectly echoes the sentiment of the song itself and a video that will without a doubt thrill the very people that inspired the song itself, The Templars Of Steel. With the help of the bandmembers' children, who steal the spotlight with their cameos in the video, it's obvious that that bond of brotherhood isn't just with the band members themselves — it's also with their kids and their fans.

Cans comments: "A fantastic musical piece and album opener in honor of the greatest fans in the whole world: The Templars of Steel! We wouldn't be here without you!

"The video for the song includes both 'The Metal Dads' and the 'HF Teens' and really shows how much fun we are having together both on and off the stage."

Dronjak adds: "The singles released so far have been a good measuring stick but 'Brotherhood' encompasses everything that has made us into what we are today. Fast and furious, melodic and riveting, 100% classic HAMMERFALL heavy metal!"

"Hammer Of Dawn" is due on February 25 via Napalm Records. The LP was produced by longtime collaborator Fredrik Nordström (IN FLAMES, OPETH),who handled mixing, mastering, drum recording, and shared the duty of recording guitars and bass with Norgren and Dronjak. Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT) produced the lead vocals.

Last month, HAMMERFALL released a new single, "Venerate Me", featuring a special guest appearance by legendary Danish heavy metal singer King Diamond.

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