HAMMERFALL: The Accident Aftermath

August 23, 2003

HAMMERFALL guitarist Oscar Dronjak has posted the following message to the band's official web site:

"As those of you who have visited this site in the past two weeks know by now, I was involved in a pretty serious motorcycle accident almost two weeks ago. I am lucky to be alive, and even luckier that the only major injury was a broken arm. Traveling at 70 km/h and crashing into a non-moving car by all means should have ended worse. I broke my arm and managed to chip a few bone splinters in the elbow, got some minor cuts in the face and on the torso, various small injuries like a sprained thumb, wrist & toe. But this will all heal in a matter of weeks, (supposedly) without any future disabilities. I guess the fact that I hit the car straight on, without even the slightest angle, as well as from behind, prevented me from flying 20 meters through the air. I hit the rear window with my upper body, bounced back out again, made a somersault and landed on the asphalt. My first thought was of the show we were supposed to do the next day, and how there was absolutely no way we could miss it. I didn't quite understand what had happened until I, walking away from the wreckage, noticed my left arm hanging down in a twisted angle when it was supposed to be pointing upwards. Then came the shock and the realization of what this meant. I only remember fragments of what happened in the next few hours, but I know I was rushed to the nearest hospital and examined there. The accident took place about 110-120 km from Göteborg, and my brother Daniel was driving the car behind me. He witnessed the crash from the best seat in the house, so to speak, but I am very grateful for him being there, as well as the many people who helped him take care of me 'til the ambulance arrived, clear the road of the carcass that was (is) my Harley-Davidson and direct traffic until the road was free from debris again. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped out with this, doing what he or she could to aid someone they have never seen before. And especially my brother, for being there for me the whole time, I will never forget it!

"The reason it has taken me so long to write this update is because I don't write well with one hand — it is back to the old index-finger-waltz, as we say in Sweden. Plus the fact that I, after five days in the hospital, needed a little while to get back to normal life. I still spend most my time in front of the TV — thank god for the DVD and the 'Lethal Weapon' series! — and feel exhausted after even the shortest walk, but I am slowly improving. The arm is healing well, and the doctor said I would be able to physically do everything I could do before the accident after only four weeks of recuperation. Playing the guitar will take longer, since I have to practice a lot to get back to where I was before. But instrumental rehabilitation is definitely my main goal, I can't wait to pick it up again and hit a few power chords, feeling the energy of heavy metal flowing through my veins once again!

"The release of the live CD and DVD don't seem to have suffered from this. The scheduled release date is still October 20th. What is the title, you ask? February 20th, 2003, shall henceforth be known as 'One Crimson Night'! I'll be returning with more info regarding these releases next week. In the meantime, I thank all of you who have tried to get in touch with me, sent me flowers or given me a thought during this unexpected episode of my life. From my girlfriend to fellow HF'rs to the companies we are working with to all of you who have sent e-mails to the newspapers or posted messages on our guestbook, I appreciate the support and the get-well-soon-wishes very much. It is nice to know so many people think about you at a time like this. Until next week, my friends!"

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