HELLWITCH's Cover Of DEATH's 'Infernal Death' Posted Online

September 28, 2009

Florida tech/death/schizo gods HELLWITCH have posted their cover version of the DEATH classic "Infernal Death" on their MySpace page. HELLWITCH says, "'Infernal Death' is covered the way it was originally meant to be heard, with the '85 demo lyrics/solo!" Also available is another brand new track entitled "Vicious Avidity" from HELLWITCH's brand new "Omnipotent Convocation" CD, which is currently available from Xtreem Music out of Spain. This is the band's first proper full-length of new material since their classic "Syzgial Miscreancy" CD, which was released on the long-defunct Wild Rags label in 1990 and was recently reissued by Displeased Records.

Founding member Pat Ranieri commented on the re-release: "I received an email from Displeased asking about 'Syzygial…' being re-re-released on [another label]. I told them . . . we were not working with [the other label] any longer. Displeased made an offer for the release and we agreed!"

The "Syzgial Miscreancy" reissue is available from Displeased Records at this location.

Patrick Ranieri: Lead Guitar/Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
J.P. Brown: Rhythm Guitar
Craig Shattuck: Bass/Backing Vocals
Joe "Witch" Schnessel: Drums

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