How Does DEE SNIDER Deal With Groupies?

April 23, 2019

As part of the Top 10 "Rules Of Rock" from Topgolf, TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider was asked how bands should deal with groupies. He responded (see video below): "Well, it depends. [Laughs] How do you wanna deal with 'em? You can either deal head on, or having been with the same woman 42 years, I deal with it blinders — just, like, 'Get me in the bus,' 'Get me in the bus,' 'Get me in the bus.' Because they're out there, baby, and the minute you have success, they're coming for you. Yes, you too, ladies."

In a 2014 interview with Metal Hammer, Snider said that he didn't have any "most memorable" groupie experiences because he has been with his wife for four decades. "The other guys would actually get pissed off with me because attractive girls know they're hot and that you'll put up with anything if they suck your dick, so they have attitude," he said. "And since I had no intention of going down that path, I was free to call them out on their bullshit and harass them mercilessly. Meanwhile, the other guys would look at me, like, 'Dude, we're not abstaining.'"

A few years ago, Snider admitted that he "nearly blew it a few times" in his marriage to Suzette. "My success nearly destroyed us, because I became so full of myself, I didn't wanna hear anybody tell me 'no,' and Suzette is not a 'yes' girl," he said. "She's a tough Brooklyn chick; she's never been a 'yes' girl. And at some point, I didn't wanna hear anybody saying anything to me but 'yes.' So I nearly destroyed it then. But we made it through. I got knocked down, and we kept it together."

Snider is among the celebrity judges on the second season of "Who Will Rock You?" The show spotlights unsigned bands in a weekly, elimination-style program. The winning group will be selected by the celebrity judges and an audience of Topgolf guests.

The show's second season premiered on March 28 on Topgolf's digital channel (available on streaming platforms like Amazon Fire and Roku) and features 12 bands vying for a $50,000 prize. The winner will also have a chance to be featured on a concert tour of Topgolf's 57 venues across the country and sign a label development deal with BMG.

Topgolf produced "Who Will Rock You?" in partnership with Matador Content (Paramount Network's "Lip Sync Battle", ABC's "Boy Band"). The deal for "Who Will Rock You?" was brokered by Creative Artists Agency (CAA).

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