IRON MAIDEN Singer Slips And Falls on Stage In Finland (Video)

August 9, 2010

Fan-filmed video footage of IRON MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dickinson slipping and falling on stage at the start of the band's August 8, 2010 performance at the Finnish installment of the Sonisphere festival in Pori can be viewed below.

According to a posting on the Sonisphereweb site, a freak thunderstorm that unexpectedly blew in from the Baltic Sea threatened to uproot Sonisphere Finland, but the bands, the crew and, just as importantly, the fans all pulled together and ensured the show went on. The biggest concern was the injuries sustained by some of the crowd. Thankfully, the two people most seriously injured are no longer critical.

The storm lasted less than five minutes, but in that time it damaged the second stage beyond repair, completely broke MÖTLEY CRÜE's kit and soaked absolutely everyone at the festival.

As Bruce Dickinson said on stage as he gave a rallying call to the crowd and introduced Alice Cooper, "The stage over there is completely fucked. MÖTLEY CRÜE have gone home as their stuff is fucked and our stuff is fucked, but we don't care. We're not going home until you go home."

IRON MAIDEN went on two hours later than originally planned, but didn't stint on its set for a second. The reception was unbelievable and deservedly so. As Bruce said before the set's finale, "This is one of the most amazing concerts of my whole life. We were pissed on by the gods and we pissed on the gods right back. For those of you that have rocked, we fucking salute you."

IRON MAIDEN manager Rod Smallwood agreed, saying backstage, "This is the most amazing audience I've ever seen in Europe for any IRON MAIDEN gig ever."

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