IRON REAGAN: Pembroke Pines Performance Footage

December 27, 2013

Video footage of Virginia hardcore thrashbangers IRON REAGAN, who feature within their crossover ranks Tony Foresta (MUNICIPAL WASTE),LandPhil Hall (MUNICIPAL WASTE, CANNABIS CORPSE),Ryan Parrish (ex-DARKEST HOUR),Mark Bronzino (MAMMOTH GRINDER, ANS) and Rob Skotis (HELLBEAR),performing on December 20 at The Talent Farm in Pembroke Pines, Florida can be seen below.

IRON REAGAN's vinyl-only split 12-inch with California's favorite gore-sworn death metal deviants EXHUMED will be released on January 7, 2014 via Tankcrimes. A profane union of spirits, the split offers up eight unrepentant tracks that spout more unexpurgated fury than a pack of wild badgers.

Writes Invisible Oranges: "IRON REAGAN rocked some worlds earlier this year with their pissed off whirlwind of a debut full-length, 'Worse Than Dead'. That album, with songs that average around a minute-thirty and nail the punk and hardcore divide with a thrashy attitude, thematically resurrects the spirits of Cold War-era fears to take on today's politically charged topics like gun control and reproductive rights... Foresta's voice is certainly a defining characteristic in IRON REAGAN, but this isn't MUNICIPAL WASTE 2.0."

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