IRON SAVIOR: Listen To Re-Recorded Version Of 'Battering Ram' From 'Reforged - Riding On Fire' Album

December 7, 2017

German power metallers IRON SAVIOR will release "Reforged - Riding On Fire" on December 8 via AFM Records. The disc contains re-recorded versions of the best and most popular songs IRON SAVIOR has released so far. These 2017 re-recordings come with a much more powerful sound, of course, but the band managed to keep the songs' original character and feel.

IRON SAVIOR decided to re-record the material because the band's early albums was not available anymore but a reissue was not possible due to legal reasons.

"We can't re-release our albums from the Noise Records years in their initial form," IRON SAVIOR leader Piet Sielck says, "but we are free to re-record songs from these albums. We've approached this challenge with a lot of enthusiasm."

"Reforged - Riding On Fire" will be made available as a two-CD digipak and double vinyl.

"Reforged - Riding On Fire" track listing:

01. Riding On Fire
02. Battering Ram
03. Brave New World
04. Prisoner Of The Void
05. Titans Of Our Time
06. Eye To Eye
07. For The World
08. Mindfeeder
09. Watcher In The Skye
10. Mind Over Matter
11. Warrior
12. Iron Savior
13. Tales Of The Bold
14. No Heroes
15. Break The Curse
16. Condition Red
17. Protector
18. I've Been To Hell
19. Atlantis Falling

The new version of "Battering Ram", taken from "Reforged - Riding On Fire", can be streamed below.

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