JACK OSBOURNE: 'My Sobriety Has Given Me The Opportunity To Be There For My Father'

May 1, 2004

John Morgan of USA Today reports that Jack Osbourne is working with Cedars-Sinai's Teen Line to help raise awareness about the serious problems facing young people. Teen Line is a peer-to-peer counseling hotline that handles approximately 10,000 calls every year. Calls within California are toll-free (1-800-TLC-TEEN) daily between 6 and 10 p.m. PT.

"I started drinking in my early teens," admits Osbourne, who recently celebrated his first year of sobriety. "I smoked pot and drank a lot. Then I got into harder stuff. I think I can relate to kids who are going through depression and feeling like there's no way out."

Osbourne is particularly proud that he and his father are closer now that he has his problem under control.

"My dad has been in and out of the program for 19 years now, and his substance abuse is an ongoing battle he totally admits to having," Jack says. "I had this idea that when I got sober my dad was going to get sober. I'll make him get sober. Then I realized you can't do that."

"Over the past six months he's been like, 'Hey, will you take me to a meeting?'" Osbourne explains. "My sobriety has given me the opportunity to be there for my father." [Read more]

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