JACKYL Leaves Its Mark In West Palm Beach

January 28, 2013

Veteran rockers JACKYL performed a special show last Thursday, January 24 for listeners of the 98.7 The Gater radio station in West Palm Beach, Florida. It was a high-energy rock show from start to finish, and the listeners that won their way in loved every minute of it. JACKYL wasted no time getting them involved as they opened the set with "My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine's Ass".

JACKYL frontman Jesse James Dupree then thanked everybody for coming out, and also thanked The Gater for inviting them "to make a stain in their beautiful facility." He promised they would leave a big one as they launched right into one that started it all in the early '90s, "I Stand Alone".

The crowd was shouting along to the JACKYL classic "Dirty Little Mind", which had some parts of "Better Than Chicken" from the new album "Best in Show" mixed in.

The highlight of the show was "The Lumberjack", complete with chainsaw! At the end of the song, Jesse got up on a bar stool and carved the band's name into the ceiling with it. The bar stool wasn't safe from the chainsaw either. It ended up in pieces in the audience and the band autographed them during the meet-and-greet.

Later that evening, JACKYL played at the South Florida Fair's annual Bike Night.

Photo and text by: Chad Tyson

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