JAMES HETFIELD, KIRK HAMMETT And JOHN PETRUCCI Featured In New Video Celebrating MESA/BOOGIE' 50th Anniversary

March 28, 2020

James Hetfield (METALLICA),Kirk Hammett (METALLICA) and John Petrucci (DREAM THEATER) are among the guitar greats who reflect on their first encounter with Mesa/Boogie's Mark I guitar amp in a new seven-minute video celebrating Mesa/Boogie's 50th anniversary. Founder and president Randall Smith offers his perspective on the impact of his landmark discovery, the cascading high gain preamp and the contribution the Mark I became to guitar amplification. Randall also shares the passion that drove him on to continuing refinement throughout the Mark II's evolution during the 1980s.

From the early inspiration and beginnings in the late '60s and early '70s, through the "Big 80s" and guitar culture sea change of the '90s, up through the new Millennium and today, Randall and his team of fiercely passionate "bandmates," as he calls them, have contributed every major feature found on modern amplifiers and a universe of iconic tone to the sound of the electric guitar, changing it forever.

From inventing the pivotal high gain preamp in the first Mark Is, to footswitchable modes and effects loops in the Mark IIs, to multi-channel/multi-mode preamps in the Mark IIIs, IVs and Vs and dual rectifiers, to the several patented tunable tube power, wiring and operating class configurations found throughout, the innovation and pioneering spirit has remained at the forefront of the small Northern California company's ethic.

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