April 4, 2018

Although he won't be touring with the band, guitarist James Iha was still part of the recording sessions for the new A PERFECT CIRCLE album, "Eat The Elephant". According to The Pulse Of Radio, an article in the latest issue of Guitar World chronicles the making of the long-awaited LP, mentioning that Iha, bassist Matt McJunkins and drummer Jeff Friedl all assisted in the making of the record after being part of the lineup for years.

Iha, however, has had to drop out of touring with the band due to the recently announced SMASHING PUMPKINS reunion trek. Iha will be unable to join A PERFECT CIRCLE on the road until June, with FAILURE guitarist Greg Edwards tapped to temp in his place.

APC guitarist and founder Billy Howerdel acknowledged that the band's always uncertain schedule can cause problems, explaining: "When APC will reconvene is never exactly defined. That's frustrating, for sure, but maybe that contributes a little bit to the magic that can happen when we do get together — that feeling of not being predictable, not punching a clock."
Howerdel added: "But I’d still prefer to tour, make a record, take a little break, then tour and make another record."

Howerdel told The Pulse Of Radio that even when APC is dormant, he is always writing music for that group, his other band ASHES DIVIDE or other outlets. "I never stop writing, so where the songs go is always the trick, you know," he said. "They're in the 'Billy' folder and then they get designated into either the 'Ashes' folder or 'APC' or 'other artists' or 'film score'...I'm always working."

The last APC studio effort, a covers collection titled "eMOTive", came out in 2004. "Eat The Elephant" arrives on April 20.

A PERFECT CIRCLE will begin touring in support of the new album on April 14 in Tucson, Arizona. SMASHING PUMPKINS' "Shiny And Oh So Bright" tour kicks off on July 12 in Glendale, Arizona.

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