JAMES MURPHY Keeps Spirits Up, Needs Your Help

January 31, 2003

Former TESTAMENT/DEATH guitarist James Murphy, who is currently receiving treatment for a massive brain tumor with which he was diagnosed in August 2001, has issued the following update on his condition and current/upcoming activities:

"I have been doing good, playing a lot. And staying busy helping a friend's band in NY... I may even do some shows with them band soon. It will be a cool way to break myself back into playing live.. Watch my web site for details... There were be some updates very soon regarding all these activities. Work on writing the [second] DISINCARNATE [album] is proceeding slowly but surely... It sounds like it is going to be a killer judging by what I have come up with so far…

"In the meantime, I must still raise money regularly to help with my medical bills, and to that end my good friend Doug Harper is holding some auctions on my behalf of on eBay. Up for grabs is a bunch of killer metal vinyl LPs, check the out the list and links to the auctions below.. If you're interested move fast because I think there are only 2 days left on all them...

"As always, thanks so much for your support and good will, i am back on the path because of all of you...Thank You!!"

The following vinyl releases are being auctioned off to help offset Murphy's mind-bogglingly steep medical bills.

HAMMERFALL - "Renegade" vinyl LP (auction)
MERCYFUL FATE - "9" vinyl LP (auction)
BATHORY - "Destroyer of Worlds" Vinyl LP (auction)
DEATH - "The Sound Of Perseverance" Vinyl LP (red vinyl) (auction)
OPETH - "Morningrise" vinyl 2 LP set (auction)
OPETH - "My Arms Your Hearse" 2 LP set (auction)
HYPOCRISY - vinyl LP (auction)
IMMORTAL - "Sons Of Northern Darkness" vinyl LP (auction)

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