JANE'S ADDICTION Plays 'Surprise' Show At SXSW; Review, Video Footage Available

March 20, 2009

Matthew Odam of Austin360.com reports that the original lineup of JANE'S ADDICTION played a "surprise" set last night (Thursday, March 19) at C3 and Playboy's "Rock the Rabbit" show at the old Safeway in Austin, Texas as part of this year's SXSW (South by Southwest). Odam writes in the article, "[singer Perry] Farrell was in his usual form. Donned in white undershirt and neckerchief, he looked like an absinthe-soaked Parisian poet hell-bent on setting the world aflame with his fierce singing and overtly sexual charisma.

"Despite his long absence from the band, [bassist Eric] Avery did not miss a beat, synching up with drummer Stephen Perkins to lay down a thunderous groove, the rhythm section mates exchanging smiles and looking thrilled to be back on stage with [guitarist Dave] Navarro and Farrell. As Farrell preened, Navarro shredded his guitar, blazing through one legendary solo after another in a 45-minute set list that felt like a fever dream and included 'Standing in the Shower … Thinking', a rendition of 'Ocean Size' that felt like it could be heard atop the UT Tower before, and a high-speed L.A. car chase 'Stop!' that ended the set."

Read more from Austin360.com.

Fan-filmed video footage from the concert can be viewed below.

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