JASON NEWSTED: 'I Want To Play Some Old SABBATH Tunes With OZZY'

March 26, 2003

Former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted is making no bones about the fact that he is extremely excited to be performing with OZZY OSBOURNE on his upcoming Canadian and Ozzfest tours. Newsted, who was replaced in METALLICA by former OZZY bassist Robert Trujillo, is particularly psyched to have the opportunity to jam on some SABBATH classics with the singer.

"Some of the old stuff, some of the old BLACK SABBATH is on the set list that I want to present to Ozzy when I walk in," Newsted told Glam-Metal.com. "I have a lucky 13 songs on there. Six of them are old SABBATH tunes. That's were it's at for my, so I'm hoping that he yells out one of those that I can crush. I put the other songs like 'Crazy Train', on my list, but I want to play SABBATH. (laughs)"

Jason will be pulling double-duty on the Canadian tour and Ozzfest, as he also is a member of the long-running Canadian metallers VOIVOD. VOIVOD, who recently released their latest, self-titled CD — the group's first to feature Newsted — will open Ozzy's Canadian shows and will perform on the second stage at Ozzfest.

"Yeah, VOIVOD is my band," Newsted confirmed. "I'm a member of that band. The Ozzy thing is an opportunity. If he asks me to play bass for a show I will. If he asks me to play on a song, I will. For this tour, this year, Ozzy has asked VOIVOD to tour with him for most of the year. That's were their bass player is going to be, so that's were they need to be. That's how it's come across so far. So, if it all happens like it's supposed to, that's how it will all be. VOIVOD will be opening for Ozzy all across the globe."

(Thanks: Glam-Metal.com)

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