JASON NEWSTED: 'I Want To See METALLICA Be The Leaders Again'

February 23, 2003

Despite having recently referred to his former bandmates as a "joke" over their decision to tour this summer with LINKIN PARK and LIMP BIZKIT, ex-METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted claims that he wishes the METALLICA guys nothing but the best and hopes that they will be able to regain the metal crown that they once held so firmly.

"I really, truly want to see them rise back up after all of the things that make it kinda questionable now, like the Napster things and different decisions that they've made, [frontman] James [Hetfield]'s troubles, and whatever like that," Newsted told Live 4 Metal in interview conducted Feb. 13. "I'm back to being a fan of METALLICA again now. I want to see them be the leaders again. They are the ones that have the talent and the know-how to spearhead the next movement of our music, like they did with the first movement of our music. So why not have the kings in place? I think that would be very helpful for everybody that enjoys listening to and playing this music. It would be really great if they could get back on the throne and kick some ass in that way."

Newsted, who left METALLICA in January 2001, says that his new band, VOIVOD, are for the first time ever finding themselves in a position where they don't have to work day jobs in order to support themselves, a factor that he attributes directly to his involvement with the Montreal-based group.

"All the way up until they signed to [Newsted's label] Chophouse Records, they had to work day jobs," Jason explained. "Now they do not have to. They have one of the best contracts for musicians that there is — maybe better than 95 percent of musicians in this world. I'm making sure that they get money from the first record. I don't see money unless they see money. It's very much a brotherly type of thing. I wouldn't have to do this — I'm not doing it to make a profit or any of that kinda shit. I'm doing it because I want to. I saved my bucks through time working for METALLICA — I didn't put it up my nose or stupid shit like that. I just invested it and made sure that I was always going to be able to make this music."

VOIVOD's new, self-titled album is due on March 4 through Chophouse Records in association with Surfdog Records.

To read Newsted's entire interview with Live 4 Metal, click here.

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