JERRY CANTRELL Was Thinking About DAVID BOWIE While Writing ALICE IN CHAINS' New Single

May 9, 2018

ALICE IN CHAINS released a new single and video titled "The One You Know" on Friday morning (May 4). The track is the first new music issued from ALICE IN CHAINS' upcoming sixth full-length studio LP, which is due out later this year and will follow up 2013's "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here".

The basic tracks for the new disc were laid down at Studio X in Seattle, marking the first time ALICE IN CHAINS had recorded in its hometown in more than 20 years. Part of the recording was also done at Henson Studios in Los Angeles.

Guitarist and singer Jerry Cantrell told SiriusXM about "The One You Know" (see video below): "It's really aggressive. It's got a super-aggro riff. I was thinking kind of [David] Bowie when I was writing it, a little bit, so it's got kind of a metal 'Fame' shuffle to it, kind of almost. It's a good aggro riff and it's got the classic ALICE IN CHAINS chorus, with a weird kind of trippy middle part."

According to Cantrell, ALICE IN CHAINS' upcoming album is "a good record. I wouldn't say that the rest of the record sounds like ['The One You Know'], but that's a good indicator of what the rest of the record kind of feels like. There's a lot of edgy stuff there, a lot of rocking stuff, a lot of weird stuff, and some pretty stuff in there too."

Jerry also talked about the five-year gap between ALICE IN CHAINS albums, saying that "we've been really fortunate in most of our career to be able to make music when we feel like it rather than having to be on somebody else's schedule, which is really nice. So we take advantage of that. And there's really no reason to put music out unless it's something that we feel strongly [about] and stand behind."

ALICE IN CHAINS is currently on a short spring tour that finishes up on May 19 in Philadelphia.

After hitting Europe and Israel, the band will start a second leg on August 22 in Vancouver that comes to a close on September 15.

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