JOE PERRY Talks Possible New AEROSMITH Music, Las Vegas Residency

February 2, 2018

During an appearance on the "Trunk Nation" show on SiriusXM channel Volume, Joe Perry confirmed that he has had discussions with Steven Tyler about writing and recording some new music with AEROSMITH before the legendary outfit resumes touring in 2019. "I don't know if we have time to do a whole record, but Steven and I have talked about getting together and at least throwing some stuff out before we start up again next year," the guitarist said.

Asked if he thinks AEROSMITH could make another great album if it puts in the effort, Perry said: "Well, Steven's in the studio; he's doing stuff. I'm in the studio all the time. It's really about the tempo and the schedule. Obviously, we've slowed down somewhat from how we used to tour, but anything's possible. I don't know yet. Once I get in the studio and focus on that, at least for myself… I haven't really talked to the other guys about if they've got any pearls stashed away. But I think everybody's vibe is we'd like to have some new material. But we've got so many songs that we haven't played in so long, and other songs that we've never played, so there are a lot of things to come into consideration when you talk about a new record. Sometimes I think about, what's the point? We've got all these songs that we've already written that have been on these albums that we'd love to play that no one's ever heard before. And I certainly love recording, and I could see it happening [at some point]."

Perry also revealed that his AEROSMITH bandmate, bassist Tom Hamilton, "cracked his ankle last week," an injury that shouldn't affect the group's next scheduled live appearance, which is slated for late April at the the 2018 New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival. Additional gigs may follow in the fall, according to Joe, but there will "definitely" be some live activity in 2019. "It's kind of leading up to the 50th anniversary [of the band's formation], and we've gotta do something special — at least have a cake or something," he joked.

Asked by host Eddie Trunk if there is any truth to the rumors that AEROSMITH may do a Las Vegas residency, Perry said: "We've talked about it, certainly over the last few years, about doing something like that. And it's still on deck. Nothing has been confirmed. I mean, we're throwing different ideas out. A lot of people wanna do that, and there's only so many venues that work. There's a lot of moving parts to get it to happen, so we're still waiting to see. I imagine we'll do it at some point. I can't say when."

Joe added that the prospect of not having to travel between gigs was certainly part of the appeal of doing a residency, but he insisted that "the more important thing is that we can do a show that we wouldn't be able to do if we were doing a traditional tour — you know, building a set, tearing it down, moving to another city. We could do things, if you're in one place, that we could do there and not do anywhere else," he explained. "And I think that if we were gonna do it, we would wanna make it an event that you wouldn't be able to see anywhere else. Or else what's the point?"

AEROSMITH's latest album, 2012's "Music From Another Dimension!", was released when the band's label, Columbia Records, was reportedly going through a leadership change, and it ended up becoming a commercial disappointment.

The lackluster response to the disc later caused two bandmembers — Perry and drummer Joey Kramer — to question whether there's any point in AEROSMITH making future albums.

Perry's new solo album, titled "Sweetzerland Manifesto", was released on January 19.

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