June 1, 2010

Bryan Reesman of Attention Deficit Delirium recently conducted an interview with CHICKENFOOT guitarist Joe Satriani. A few excerpts from the chat follow below.

Attention Deficit Delirium: A couple of months ago Sammy Hagar said the you guys were going into the studio in April. Did that happen?

Joe Satriani: Yes, we have. We spent four or five days together [about a month ago]. It was great. We just have this thing where we get together and instantly start playing, and it sounds just like CHICKENFOOT without any effort. It's a four-way thing — four guys in a room. We start playing, Sammy goes up to the mic and starts screaming, and all of a sudden we go, "Wow! That's great! What is that? Let's record it." Then we'll jump back in the studio, listen to what did, arrange it and then we'll finish a song a day. So we walked out of there with four really good songs that we're hoping to polish up next time we get together. Since we live close to each other, Sammy and I are working on stuff. We've got a dialogue going with other song ideas as well. It's great. It's good to know that the band is excited as a unit to write another record, and the guys at Best Buy are behind us to accept another record from us, which is great. That relationship has been fantastic.

Attention Deficit Delirium: Are there new ideas on this record that we didn't hear on the last one?

Joe Satriani: Yeah. On the last record I wrote a lot of music and threw it out to these guys. Since I didn't really know them very well, I wanted to see what they would respond to, and I was really surprised. Like Sammy loving "Avenida Revolution", which was called something else when I sent it to him. I didn't think he'd actually like it. I thought he'd think it was too dark or something, but he had the whole thing in about five minutes because he was so inspired by it. It taught me to never try to second-guess what any of the guys are going to like. I tend to write sort of stream of consciousness. I write way inside and outside the bounds of what you would think a CHICKENFOOT song should be, and I see how the guys react to it. It might be something were Michael [Anthony, bass] might say, "I really like that song, but could we do it in a different style?" Or Chad [Smith, drums] may want to change the beat around. Or Sam might say that he really has a set of lyrics and is searching for some kind of song, but he doesn't know what it's supposed to sound like. He'll pick a piece of music that I thought was bright and cheerful and say, "I like that music. Can I write some dark lyrics for it?" I think it works that we all just throw stuff at each other, then we react naturally to it. People say, "Cool, great idea. I'll try it your way." That's kind of how we do it.

Attention Deficit Delirium: When do you think the next CHICKENFOOT record is actually going to come out?

Joe Satriani: Sometime early next year. I've got about three or four weeks to finish making demos from a solo record, and then I'm in the studio in June and July. I'll hand in my record to Sony in August, and in September, CHICKENFOOT gets together for a month of recording. I go on tour in October, November and part of December. I may do a little bit in January, and I think in February we're going to do the last CHICKENFOOT sessions to finish up the album.

Read the entire interview from Attention Deficit Delirium.

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