September 4, 2009

KARMA TO BURN, the acclaimed West Virginia instrumental heavy rockers, have inked a deal with Napalm Records.

"William, Robert and I are proud to announce our new partnership with Napalm Records," stated bassist Richard Mullins. "We're thrilled at the opportunity for a renewed vitality for our rock band, KARMA TO BURN. We eagerly anticipate an unstoppable connection between the songs we work so hard on and the fans of classic, directly in the eye of the storm riffage that we make our music for.

"While trends have come and gone, Napalm has stayed the course and supported a loyal fanbase all over the world. William, Robert and I have taken great pride in doing the same. It's this shared passion for great music... spearheaded by great songs... presented in a timeless fashion... that's assured William, Robert and I that Napalm Records will be where our future hits find the perfect home."

He continued, "Who would have thought William, Robert and I would be working on a follow-up to 'Almost Heathen' eight years later? Not only are we thrilled with this new partnership with Napalm, we are also excited to work on this new KARMA TO BURN album for the creative opportunity artistically.

"We had unfinished business when our gorilla-sized heroin habits took over, overturning our cars and our lives, there came an accounting in which we fell before the Grim Reaper as wheat in winter, as lambs under the knife, so it allows us to continue the musical journey we started early in our careers. As songwriters we cherish this experience. We're having a blast in the studio recording some incredible rock music. Our beloved Appalachain Mountains taught us musically that lightning really can strike twice... so we're ready to continue the KARMA TO BURN rock odyssey with Napalm Records, and soon all necks will feel the steely bite of our soul- thirsting axes, wielded by the unforgiving iron hand of the new KARMA TO BURN full-length."

Quality video footage (three-camera mix) of KARMA TO BURN's April 18, 2009 concert at the Ravari in Columbus, Ohio can be viewed below (clip shot and uploaded by Digitallive).

KARMA TO BURN split in 2002 after Rich Mullins left to join Texas aggro-rockers SPEEDEALER.

KARMA TO BURN consists of guitarist Will Mecum (TREASURE CAT),bassist Rich "Dickie" Mullins (YEAR LONG DISASTER) and drummer Rob Oswald (NEBULA).

For more information www.myspace.com/karmatoburn.

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