KATATONIA: New Song Available For Free Download

September 14, 2009

Subscribers to the Peaceville Records mailing list are being given the first opportunity to download a free song from KATATONIA's eighth studio album, "Night Is The New Day". Entitled "Forsaker", the track is now available for streaming in the YouTube clip below.

"Night Is The New Day" is scheduled for release in Europe on November 2 (November 10 in North America) via Peaceville Records.

Regarding his vocal performance on the CD, frontman Jonas P. Renkse recently said, "Even though I had done much of the vocal parts/ideas already on the demos, I couldn't imagine the extent of what was about to come. Starting out, I was feeling better than I thought, since I had problems with my throat earlier during the recording. It wasn't a cold as I first expected; I have no idea what it was/is, but it has affected me in some ways.

"More tracks nailed and listening back, I realize that I've never sung this MUCH on an album before. Not that I'm singing ALL THE TIME (don't worry),but the vocals are much more demanding. I hope it is because the singing is better, and not because my throat is worse."

The artwork for "Night Is The New Day" (see below) was once again designed by Travis Smith and closes the visual concept for "The Great Cold Distance" phase.

The new material was previously described by the band as "our most varied, diverse and possibly strongest shit all together on one and the same album."

"The Great Cold Distance" was released in 2006 via Peaceville. The follow-up to 2003's "Viva Emptiness" was recorded at Fascination Street studios in the outskirts of Örebro, Sweden and was mastered at the Cutting Room in Stockholm.

KATATONIA's live performance from 2006's Summer Breeze open-air festival in Germany was released as a double-disc live album/DVD, entitled "Live Consternation".

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