KAYO DOT Complete National Tour, Prepare To Release New Album

December 1, 2005

Boston metal/jazz/noise octet KAYO DOT have completed a seven-week national tour of the U.S., returning home to Boston last week to play the final show of the 46-date run. KAYO DOT played shows with a diverse array of bands on the tour, including STARKWEATHER, MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT, THE WAYWARD, GAZA, and dozens more.

KAYO DOT vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Toby Driver made this statement about the tour, and about KAYO DOT's plans for the near future: "We played with some awesome bands and generally had ourselves more together this time around than last time. It was our second time out as a band so we knew what to expect. We got an amazing response for the new material. Next, we're going to do a few long weekends when the album comes out in January."

KAYO DOT violinist Mia Matsumiya commented: "Our most successful shows this time were definitely in Columbus, Hattiesberg, Boise, LA, Denton, Miami, DC, and New York. Thanks so much to everyone who supported us in any way, whether you set up any of our shows, attended our shows, bought some merchandise, performed with us, let us crash us at your place, hung out with us, fed us, promoted us, flyered, anything!"

KAYO DOT's Robotic Empire debut full-length, "Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue", hits stores January 10.

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