KID ROCK Remains Top Dog In Trademark Infringement Decision

February 4, 2003

KID ROCK's former business associates Alvin Williams and Earl Blunt, of EB-Bran Productions, are not entitled to a piece of Top Dog Records Inc., profits from the sale of Kid Rock merchandise or ownership of the Top Dog Records trademark, a federal judge has determined. U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmonds completely dismissed EB-Bran Productions' trademark infringement suit on Monday, according to

Judge Edmonds said that EB-Bran principals Earl Blunt and Detroit promoter Alvin Williams did not present enough evidence to support claims that they designed the Top Dog Records logo, trademarked the company and, therefore, should be awarded a portion of Kid Rock's music.

Top Dog Records was formed by EB-Bran Productions and Kid Rock in 1988, but never had its name or logo trademarked. Rock eventually tried to trademark Top Dog Records himself in 2001, claiming he was the sole owner, and he filed a lawsuit to invalidate a contract he'd signed with Williams in 1989.

After being notified of Rock's attempt to trademark Top Dog, EB-Bran Productions filed a countersuit claiming EB-Bran should be awarded the trademark.

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