KID ROCK's Scheduled Appearance At BUSH Inaugural 'Shocking'

January 6, 2005

Ron Strom of is reporting that KID ROCK, a popular vulgar rock-rapper whose lyrics wouldn't begin to pass muster with the Federal Communications Commission, is headlining the youth concert during the inauguration festivities for President Bush — a politician who was re-elected largely due to the participation of traditional "values voters."

The Detroit-based rapper, who dedicated his first album to songs about oral sex and who was voted the Sluttiest Male Celebrity at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, will perform Jan. 18 at the Washington, D.C., Armory in a concert hosted by Bush daughters Jenna and Barbara. Teenage singer JoJo also will appear at the event.

After reading some of Kid Rock's lyrics, Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children and Families, was outraged the rapper would be a part of the president's festivities.

"I just read Kid Rock's sexually explicit lyrics and feel ashamed and dirty for even looking at his songs," he told "If this sex-crazed animal, whose favorite word is the F-word, is allowed to sing at Bush's inauguration this will send a clear message to pro-family Americans that the Republican Party has taken them for a ride and ditched them in the gutter."

Said Thomasson on the rapper's lyrics: "This is the worst I've ever seen. This guy's singing about how he sexually exploits every girl and then asks them if he can do it with their moms."

Thomasson wondered how "Bush's FCC can take the F-word off TV and fine radio and television networks that cuss on the air and show indecency, and then have the most indecent, sexually explicit, anti-family white singer on the planet representing the second term of George W. Bush."

Thomasson said even if Kid Rock were to perform less offensive songs at the youth concert, his mere presence at a Bush event sends a huge message.

"This is more than inconsistent; it's a sham," he said. "This guy is one of the worst role models for youth imaginable."

Concluded Thomasson: "It makes me angry. … This is a good reason to leave the Republican Party." Read more.

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