KISS' PAUL STANLEY And GENE SIMMONS To Take Part In 'Live & Global' Online Chat

May 10, 2011

Intertainment Media Inc. has announced that, the social media, real time, language translation platform, with business partner and spokesperson Gene Simmons welcomes Paul Stanley, international rock legend and co-founder of KISS to its online multi-language global chat event.

In addition to the online chat, which will attempt a world record for the most nationalities in an online chat room, the event featuring a live, interactive studio audience will be broadcast around the world via live streaming to computers, iPhones and Android devices.

People from all over the world, the four million KISS Facebook fans and the global KISS Army who pre-register at will have the opportunity to interact with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley and present questions online in 53 languages.

The real-time Ortsbo platform will instantly translate questions and answers in multiple languages, allowing viewers all over the world to review the online chat in their own native language making this event a truly worldwide spectacle.

Paul Stanley comments: "For years people have debated on what language should be the common means of communication to connect people worldwide in the future. The future is now and the language is Ortsbo."

Details are as follows:

KISS Live & Global
May 20
7:30 a.m. PST
Beverly Hills Hotel - Rodeo Ballroom
Beverly Hills, CA

" is taking a sledgehammer to the tower of Babel, allowing people around the world regardless of their native language to be part of this event and the conversation," said Gene Simmons. "We are proud to have this opportunity to break down the language barriers and provide fans with the ability to chat with us in real time, as one people."

Supporting presents, KISS Live & Global will be Live Nation, the world's leading live entertainment and online ecommerce company. Along with the global chat with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, the event will provide people around the world with the ability to purchase a selection of entertainment merchandise and special promotions directly throughout the event. This event will provide a prototype for future global commercial events with Live Nation, their artists and The event will also showcase the power of cloud computing, as the entire KISS Live & Global event will be managed through Microsoft's Windows Azure platform.

The platform eliminates the need to cut/copy and paste text into a translator by automatically translating typed text into the specified language instantly unlike typical translation software. Users simply indicate the desired language for their intended recipient and Ortsbo does the rest. Ortsbo even lets users conduct multiple chat sessions simultaneously across multiple social networks in multiple languages in real time.

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