KISS's PAUL STANLEY Once Again Slams American News Channels For 'Poisonous Bickering' And 'Slanted Distortions'

August 3, 2022

Paul Stanley has once again slammed American mainstream media outlets for only reporting one political side of the story with bias.

Earlier today (Wednesday, August 3), the KISS frontman, who is in the middle of the band's "End Of The Road" farewell trek, took to his Twitter to share the logos of several major cable news networks — specifically Fox News, CNN and MSNBC — and he included the following message: "WANT TO HAVE A MORE UNIFIED COUNTRY? Have a more unified news! Not poisonous bickering & slanted distortions on BOTH sides. How can we form educated points of view when we're not getting the unbiased truth? We don't need networks pushing opinions. We need ACCURACY. We need FACTS."

DISTURBED's David Draiman, who officially reactivated his Twitter account in January after a nearly seven-year absence, concurred, tweeting simply "Hallelujah brother" and including the "devil horns" emoji.

This is not the first time Stanley has been critical of the way the American media reports its stories. Back in January 2020, Paul wrote on Twitter: "The divisive and dangerous climate in America is in large part the result of 24 HOUR 'NEWS' CHANNELS WHICH ARE IN FACT SKEWED AND BIASED POLITICAL OUTLETS . Any point of view can be backed up with some sort of documentation and 'expert' analysis and that is the key problem. News?!? No. We are watching slick entertainment channels pushing their own agenda and a reality which then becomes yours."

In June 2019, Paul tweeted out the BBC News logo along with the following message: "If You're Ready For News With Far Less Of The Game Show Slickness And Bias Of Our 24 News Networks You Might Try One Of The BBC Outlets. Less Exciting? YES! But Filling 24 Hours Is An Unnecessary Challenge That Has Turned Outlets Into Biased Fast Food Providers."

Last month, a Gallup poll found that only 16 percent of U.S. adults have "a great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in newspapers, and even fewer Americans —11 percent — have that kind of confidence in television news.

In August 2018, Stanley said that he does not believe the press is the enemy of the American people, presumably in response to then-U.S. president Donald Trump, who has regularly derided the media as such.

Stanley offered his opinion in two separate tweets, writing: "JOURNALISTS And The Media Are NOT The Enemy Of The People. Without the opportunity to hear all points of view we can't find the truth. Those who want to silence opposition and questions or turn the public against them ARE The Enemy Of The People And Of [email protected] @FoxNews"

He added: "Because ALL media coverage of politics is clearly biased now, we should accept that EVERYONE is participating and NOBODY is innocent. THAT is all the more reason we need to hear it all."

While he was president, Trump frequently took issue with outlets like CNN and The New York Times for publishing critical stories about his administration and has continued to call journalists "the enemy of the people," despite criticism and fear that he was stoking tension and violence.

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