KITTIE Frontwoman: BLABBERMOUTH.NET Detractors 'Just Say Things So They Can Be Nasty'

October 24, 2005 recently conducted an exclusive in-depth interview with KITTIE frontwoman Morgan Lander. Several excerpts from the chat follow: What can you tell us about the new lineup?

Morgan: "Trish [Doan, bass; ex-HER] and Tara [McLeod, guitar; ex-SHERRY] are from London, Ontario, which is funny because it hasn't been that way for a while — all of the band members being from Ontario. We've been practicing for the past couple of months and things are really great. With the new songs, she's [Tara] added so many amazing solos. This band is really moving to another level, which I think is really, really amazing. I definitely think that you'll be able to see that with whatever it is we release next." You recently experience some difficulties when attempting to cross the U.S./Canada border. What happened?

Morgan: "We were scheduled to play the Windy City Invitational in Chicago. We had gone down to cross the border. Mercedes [Lander, drums] and the other girls and some of our crew had gone in another car. I had decided to ride with my Dad and the gear, so we were driving the Ryder truck. Everyone else got through fine, but because we were there with all of the gear, they stopped us and took a look at everything. Then, they realized because we weren't signed to Artemis [Records] anymore, our work visas were kinda invalid. I guess we just got the wrong person at the wrong time, ya know? You never know what you're gonna get when you cross the border. Sometimes you get people that don't even care what's going on and sometime you get people that wanna open your butthole and see what's going on (laughs)." How do you respond to people that refuse you take you seriously as a musician and only view you as a sex object?

Morgan: "I don't know… There's always going to be that. Personally, I don't care. On places like Blabbermouth, there's a lot of funny stuff said out there. I think a lot of times people just say things so they can be nasty. I could care less. I'm just happy there's people out there. Regardless of whether it's positive or negative, it's still attention, right? Unfortunately, I think we have more to worry about than some haggard-ass metal dude. We definitely have to have an image and have to upkeep it as well as being above and beyond the talent level of most men out there just so we can get recognized. Again, there's a lot of people on sites like Blabbermouth that like to say, 'KITTIE? Oh, they're just a bunch of talentless girls.' Those people obviously haven't heard what we’ve been doing lately." Aside from the obvious border-related difficulties you have suffered through, what has been you least favorite touring experience?

Morgan: "It's like there's this black cloud that's been following us around on our last few tours. Some amazingly ridiculous things have happened. One time, we made a wrong turn into Mexico (laughs) and they ended up pulling everybody off the bus. They were searching through out dirty underpants. Seriously, they were smelling our dirty underpants. It was totally outta hand."

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