KONKHRA Frontman Says New CD Sounds 'Clear But Brutal'

May 16, 2007

Danish extreme metallers KONKHRA have begun re-recording their long-awaited new album after encountering technical difficulties which forced them to scrap some of the already completed early tracks.

Commented guitarist/vocalist Anders Lundemark: "OK, we are ready to leave [the studio].

"It's been crazy. We worked for 16 hours a day but the status is this: all drums are done for the nine songs we definately want on the record. We still want to include 1-2 more, but they're still on the drawing table. Rhythm guitars are done for the nine, and vocals are done on four. James [Murphy; ex-TESTAMENT, DEATH, OBITUARY] is ready to do his thing and we will work in his studio from the 25th of May. We are back in Europe to finish the record on the 3rd of June. A little delay will be calculated into June though, as [I am] doing something in Sweden for a couple of days and also going to Belgium to help old friends in the band SPIRALARMS who've been confirmed for Graspop Metal Meeting this year. But we are aching to get done and with a little bit of July we should be about done. And, damn, it really was a good thing that the shit got lost because Mads [Lauridsen, drums] smoked the first recordings fast and the SSL sounds four times as good. Clear but brutal."

KONKHRA's new CD will will be mixed by Tue Madsen.

A new KONKHRA instrumental demo track, which has the working title "Killswitch One", has been posted online at the band's MySpace page.

KONKHRA released its latest CD, "Reality Check", in May 2003 through Code666 Records. The album was recorded at guitarist/vocalist Anders Lundemark's own Starstruck Studio and was the group's first since their split with longtime label Diehard Records.

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