KORN: How We Managed To Spend $4 Million Making "Untouchables"

May 9, 2002

KORN frontman Jonathan Davis and bassist Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu recently did their best to explain to Britain's Kerrang! magazine how they managed to rack up $4 million in production costs for their forthcoming CD, Untouchables. Here are their statements, as quoted by Kerrang!:

Fieldy: "We moved to Phoenix and rented five houses for $10,000 apiece for four months. We came to LA, rented five more houses for $10,000 apiece for four more months. We went to Canada and rented a house for $8,000. That's a week, not a month. Does that help explain it?"

Jonathan Davis: "The whole album probably cost us around $700,000. The rest of the money that went out was to our crew and paying our bills, because we were off the road for so long. We don't want our crew to go off and get other jobs so they can't come back to us, so we had to pay high salaries for two years almost, which is a lot of money. That's why they say it cost [$4 million], but it was just keeping our people on retainers and we put that on the record budget."

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