April 22, 2015

Massacre Records has announced the signing of JONNE. The group was formed by Jonne Järvelä of KORPIKLAANI as a solo project, which soon morphed and developed into a full band.

Wanting to do something that was musically different and away from Järvelä's main band, JONNE is pure shamanistic folk music.

Jonne comments: "An idea about the solo album struck me almost two years ago, when the early sketches of the songs begun to take shape. I immediately realized that the material wasn't going to match KORPIKLAANI's style. Those pieces had firmly grown on me and I wanted to release them under my own name.”

From starting out as a solo idea, it fast grew into a real band, accompanied by nine other musicians from the Finnish folk and metal music scene, featuring members of AMORPHIS, SHAPE OF DESPAIR, WABANAG and OCEANWAKE.

JONNE's self-titled album will be released on July 24.

Recording lineup:

* Jonne Järvelä - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Violafon, Hurdy Gurdy, Mandolin, Kantele + Percussion
* Natalie Koskinen - Vocals
* Yovan Nagwetch - Vocals, Flutes + Percussion
* Eero Haula - Vocals
* Ante Aiko - Vocals
* Pinja Lintonen / Tero Hyväluoma - Fiddles
* Toni Perttula - Accordion
* Santeri Kallio - Keyboards
* Juho Kauppinen - Acoustic Guitars
* Jussi Rautio - Acoustic Guitars
* Jan Rechberger - Drums & Percussion
* Matti Karjalainen - Upright Bass


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