October 3, 2005

German thrashers KREATOR were forced to cancel their appearance at the Izmir Rock Festival in Turkey on Saturday, October 1.

Commented mainman Mille Petrozza: "We are very disapointed about the unacceptable conditions we had to face in Izmir last Saturday! The band was looking foreward to play this part of Turkey for the first time, but were not willing to risk our lives or the lives of our fans! We believe that the Izmir audience deserves a real KREATOR show, all or nothing, no fucking compromise! End of story!!!!!"

Pit Bender, KREATOR's tour manager, sent the following more detailed statement regarding the cancellation:

"Because of risk of danger, especially stage and lightrigg, we were not able at all to put on a show in Izmir. All efforts to make the organization change these technical conditions failed and in last consequence after several hours of discussion, we unfortunately had to make this decision.

1. The stage structure was way too unstable and wouldn't hold any pressure through an intense KREATOR show of two hours, especially with the great audience that we've always experienced in Turkey...

2. Light rig, stage: all four towers were not safe; any pressure, physically, could have made it come down.

3. The stage had no roof. Halfway through the show there would have been heavy rain, so the show would have to be stopped anyway, with the risk of electric shocks etc.

4. No efforts at all by the promoters to have proper and safe conditions for the audience and the band.

5. After all this and under these circumstances we finally had to come to this decision.

We feel very sorry for all of our disapointed fans out in Izmir, but hope to come back under better and especially safe circumstances."

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