KROKUS Performs In Japan For First Time

October 29, 2011

Swiss hard rock veterans KROKUS have sold more than 13 million albums worldwide and toured all over the world, and although one of their biggest hits is called "Tokyo Nights", they had never played Japan until now. That changed last Saturday, when KROKUS performed in front of 37,000 Japanese fans at Loud Park, the largest festival in Japan, just outside of Tokyo.

"Japan was out of this world, simply unbelievable!" reports bassist and producer Chris Von Rohr. Upon arrival in Tokyo, the band was greeted by their greatest Japanese fan, who had waited for decades to have his KROKUS album collection signed by the band. "It was touching. He said this was the happiest day in his life", adds singer Marc Storace. And while strolling the streets of Tokyo, Switzerland's #1 rock export was asked for autographs by a great number of female fans. "We communicated with hand signs, because besides 'sushi' and 'sayonara,' we did not understand much", jokes Chris Von Rohr before adding, "Throughout the nuclear catastrophe of Fukushima and thereafter they kept smiling, that really impressed us."

During the concert, the Japanese fans sang along right from the start. Chris Von Rohr says, "It was absolutely awesome! Promoter Creativeman wants us back in Japan as soon as possible."

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