KYLÄHULLUT: CHILDREN OF BODOM Side Project Releases New Album

February 2, 2005

According to a posting on the CHILDREN OF BODOM fan site, KYLÄHULLUT, the Finnish project featuring Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM),Vesku Jokinen (KLAMYDIA) and Tonmi Lillman (ex-TO/DIE/FOR, SINERGY),released their new full-length album, entitled "Turpa Täynnä" (Hammered),in Finland last Wednesday (Jan. 26).

The band, whose name is roughly translated to "Village Fools", reportedly spent a week in the studio recording 12 songs of what is being described as "straight-forward punk." "Alexi sings a few songs, with Vesku Jokinen doing most of the vocals," reads a posting on the site. "Just like before, Tonmi Lillman takes care of the drums and Alexi plays several super-fast guitar solos. The lyrics of the album deal with topics like alcohol, groupies, spray painters and people who try to convert others into their own religion. Even Alexi's CHILDREN OF BODOM bandmates don't get away without getting mocked by Alexi (all in good fun, of course). Kimberly Goss [of SINERGY] does a guest appearance on the last track of the album by singing a few lines in Finnish."

"Turpa Täynnä" (view cover here) track listing:

01. Aika (Time, KLAMYDIA cover)
02. …Ja Jeesus Ei Pysy Ristillään (…And Jesus won't stay on his cross)
03. Vitun Urpo! (Fucking idiot!)
04. Kääpiöt (Dwarfs)
05. Scenehuora (Scenewhore)
06. Ei Pelkoa (No Fear)
07. Spurgu (Alcoholic)
08. Marttyyri (Martyr)
09. Paskiaiset (Bastards)
10. Turpa Täynnä (Hammered)
11. Mitä Pahalle Maksetaan?
12. Kylähullut (Village Fools)

To order a copy of the album, visit More Music.

For more information on KYLÄHULLUT, visit their official web site.

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