L.A. GUNS Finish Recording New CD

April 25, 2002

L.A. GUNS have finished recording their new album with producer Andy Johns and will mix it shortly for a late summer release through Spitfire Records. According to bassist Adam Hamilton, “if you are a fan of L.A. GUNS, I promise that you will love this record. I myself have always been a fan as well, so when I joined L.A. GUNS, the guys encouraged me to write on the record with them. So being the fan that I am, I told them how much I thought it was time to make a classic L.A. GUNS record in the vein of the first record and almost picking up where Hollywood Vampires left off. [Guitarist] Tracii also had an epiphany while he and I were talking on the bus late at night about really going nuts and letting loose on this one. This record, of course, with [vocalist] Phil [Lewis]'s brilliant vocals and lyrics, sounds like the best L.A. GUNS has ever sounded. [Drummer] Steve Riley, what can I say, is simply the best ever! And the funniest man on the planet! But I told Tracii, 'This is your record to do things that you haven't done before. Get out there and push the envelope!!!' He is shredding licks that people aren't even going to believe. No one can touch him, period. The songs are classic L.A. GUNS, but very dark and heavy. This record is making all of us so proud, and we can't wait to go out on the big summer tour to see all of you.”

L.A. GUNS is scheduled to embark on the Rock Fest 2002 tour with DOKKEN, RATT, WARRANT, and FIREHOUSE in late June.

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