LACEY STURM 'Would Love To' Collaborate With BENJAMIN BURNLEY On New Project

May 21, 2020

Ex-FLYLEAF singer Lacey Sturm says that she is still open to collaborating with BREAKING BENJAMIN frontman Benjamin Burnley on a new project. "I would love to — I would love to do that," she told Pozzo Live in a new interview. "If he wants to do that, I've already said yes to doing it, so I guess it depends on finding his availability too.

"I find that when I do interviews, a lot of times people will say he's not sure if I wanna talk about it, but I feel the same way — I'm not sure if he wants to talk about it, 'cause I'm not sure where he's at with it," she explained. "But he'll text me randomly and be, like, 'We're gonna make the best album.' And I'm, like, 'Okay. Whenever you want to.' So I'm just kind of waiting on him to let me know. That's kind of why we waited to put our album out, because we thought maybe we would be doing stuff with him… But it's taken a while. [So] we'll see what happens with him. Whenever he's ready."

Sturm recently laid down guest vocals on the song "Dear Agony" for BREAKING BENJAMIN's "Aurora" album, which was released in January. The disc features reimagined versions of the band's biggest and most popular songs with special guests.

Last year, Burnley told "Cutter's RockCast" that he was "really blown away" by Lacey's "inflection and her style" when he first heard FLYLEAF's music. "If you think I'm unique [as a singer], she is one hundred percent unique — but in a good way," he said. "Sometimes singers that are unique, for me… I don't wanna put anybody down, but sometimes people are different just to be different — it's not really good; it's just different. But she's different and… [she's doing] her own thing.

"She's a really positive person and she does put off a positive vibe, which is really refreshing, especially for me — [since] I can be a negative person," he added. "She's just a really nice, sweet, genuine person. Singing-wise, I really respect her."

Earlier this month, Sturm released a new solo single, "The Decree", via Followspot Records. A second single, "State Of Me", will follow later in the year.

Sturm performed both "The Decree" and "State Of Me" during her fall 2019 tour.

Lacey's debut solo album, "Life Screams", was released in February 2016 via Followspot Records with The Fuel Music distribution. The record featured collaborations with SKILLET's Korey Cooper, husband/guitarist Josh Sturm, and Grammy Award-winning writer and producer David Hodges. A 12-song album, "Reflect Love Back: Soundtrack Vol 1", followed in 2019, featuring songs written and recorded by Lacey and Josh Sturm as a soundtrack for a 12-week video series, Reflect Love Back. Sturm also leads a busy post-FLYLEAF life as an author, motivational speaker and happily married mother of three.

Sturm left FLYLEAF in October 2012. She was replaced by Kristen May, who recorded one album with the group, 2014's "Between The Stars", before exiting.

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