LACUNA COIL's ANDREA FERRO Talks About Upcoming Album

October 18, 2005

Subculture Magazine recently conducted an interview with LACUNA COIL's male vocalist Andrea Ferro. An excerpt from the chat follows:

Subculture Magazine: The relentless touring for the "Comalies" album has delayed the completion of the next album. Do you have a possible release date yet?

Andrea Ferro: "The last update i've got about the new album release — it's March 2006."

Subculture Magazine: The band have stated that you've been working on new material for some time now. How difficult has it been to combine songwriting with constant touring?

Andrea Ferro: "It has been the first time for us to write an album after almost three years from the previous one and to stop and start again and record the songs in different sessions. Our way of working has changed and we had to get along with it. So far we are pretty happy about it and we feel like we have more chances to find the right idea for a song even if been involved in songwriting for such a long time has been a bit stressful."

Subculture Magazine: Listening to your albums back-to-back, you have made significant progress between each release and evolved at a steady pace. What direction is the new material taking?

Andrea Ferro: "We are a band and a bunch of people in continue movement and evolution, our music has to follow our ideas and our lifestyle. The new album is gonna be more complete and various compared to 'Comalies'. The heavy songs are gonna be groovier and with a bigger sound, the vocals more balanced and with a lot of harmony. The atmospherical songs will feature some classic and tribal instruments and sounds."

Subculture Magazine: Century Media Records have recently re-released your back catalogue, with considerable re-packaging and some bonus tracks. Looking back, what do you consider to be the high and low points of your recording career so far?

Andrea Ferro: "As I mentioned before, we're coming from Milano, Italy and when we have started in 1996 we were expecting almost nothing of what has happen along our path. Of course our previous album could have sound immature or unexperienced just becouse we were like that! Every single tour and record has been an outstanding experience for us and I can’t consider nothing of that like a low point."

Subculture Magazine: When you started out in the late '90s, you were one of the few Metal bands to have a full-time female vocalist, yet now it has almost become a trend. Do you see it as a good thing, that so many women are stepping up, or do you think the scene has become predictable and boring?

Andrea Ferro: "Me and Marco chose to add Cristina to the lineup because at that time was something very interesting and new for a heavy band. Even if that doesn't give us any copyright about it today I see many bands just playing the card of the female singer without focusing on writing good songs and developing a personal sound. Some of them just try to jump on the bandwagon."

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