LACUNA COIL Singer Says She Doesn't Mind EVANESCENCE Comparisons

September 1, 2004

LACUNA COIL singer Cristina Scabbia has told that the band are not expecting to record any of the the songs they've written over the past 18 months until at least the end of the year. "Waiting for that to happen will just make me more excited for when we do the actual recording of the album," she said. "The new songs we have will be an evolution of 'Comalies' [2002], but not a huge change. I hate bands that are changing every album, because that's not a natural evolution. LACUNA COIL will be recognizable on the next album. This is how it has to be."

Scabbia also spoke about the endless comparisons between LACUNA COIL and EVANESCENCE — an assessment that many fans find unfair considering that LACUNA COIL has been together since 1994, four years longer than EVANESCENCE. "They're a good band and people like them, so why should I be upset [about the comparisons]?" she said. "It's funny, because in Europe we've been known for a while, so people say the opposite thing. They hear EVANESCENCE and say, 'Oh, is this the new single from LACUNA COIL?' "

Regarding LACUNA COIL's participation in this year's Ozzfest festival, Scabbia said, "It's really tough to wake up in time to play. And of course, we're not used to performing in sunlight, so we have to watch out to get sunburns, but it's good to be finished early because then you have the rest of the day free, and you can enjoy the festival."

In addition to watching many of their favorite acts perform daily, they've been able to meet some of their idols. "You'll just be hanging out backstage with the guys in SLIPKNOT, then Zakk Wylde from BLACK LABEL SOCIETY will come by. Then you'll see [JUDAS PRIEST frontman] Rob Halford walking in," Scabbia said. "The whole situation is completely surreal."

"[Drummer] Bill Ward from BLACK SABBATH has become a fan, which is a real honor," she said. "We talk to him almost every day, and he's hosting a radio program that's playing our songs, which is a real honor to us." Read more.

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