LACUNA COIL Vocalist Performs At Italian Pop Festival: TV Footage Available

March 1, 2008

According to the Italian news blog Musica Metal, Cristina Scabbia, vocalist in the Italian goth-metal band LACUNA COIL, took part in the Festival di Sanremo, which was broadcast live on Italian television this past Thursday, February 28.

Dubbed "the festival of Italian music," Sanremo features commercial and pop musicians performing previously unreleased songs as part of a competition, and it is the most watched music show in Italy.

Scabbia performed at the event as the guest of singer L'AURA, and they represented the benefit project REZOPHONIC, a supergroup whose goal is to raise funds to open water-wells in Africa.

You can see the performance below, while screen captures can be seen on Musica Metal at this location.

In a recent interview with Revolver magazine, Scabbia stated that LACUNA COIL is in the early stages of the band's next album development, with each of the members "collecting ideas" by themselves. "Everybody records whatever we have in mind at the moment," she said. "If it sucks, you can delete it. But the more the better."

On her own computer, Scabbia said, you can find everything from the heaviest stuff in the world to more melodic, mellow things." She's unsure which (if any) of those ideas will survive the process. "But it will be a rock album no matter what," she said. The guitars will be absolutely present. There'll be a lot of melody, because to me music is melody — it can be powerful, but you need to be melodic.'

They're waiting to select a producer until they have a firmer idea of what the new material will sound like. (We definitely need someone who can get even more out of LACUNA COIL," she said.) But the singer claims that they will definitely record the album in the United States. "I like the American sound. The production always sounds crispier compared to the rest of the world."

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