LAMB OF GOD Singer Discusses L.A. Concert 'Ban'

March 4, 2005

LAMB OF GOD frontman Randy Blythe recently spoke to the Asbury Park Press about being banned from performing at the Forum in Inglewood, Calif. (which is owned by the Faithful Central Bible Church) during SLIPKNOT's show scheduled for April 9 due to an unusual offense: their former band name.

"We used to be called BURN THE PRIEST," Blythe explained. "We changed our name, because we didn't want to be lumped as just a generic satanic metal band, because we don't sing about the devil or anything. The name is pretty harsh. We didn't feel the name represented what we were about, so we changed it.

"The people that own the Forum are a large church. Some of their congregates, I suppose, were not too fond of our former moniker. They own the place, so it's their right not to have us there. But I think they're being very close-minded and small-minded. They obviously haven't done any research. They don't know what we're about. That's their deal."

Not that Blythe is complaining.

Said the singer: "We already have another sold-out show set up on that day in the L.A. area. We're getting paid more money, and we're getting a lot of media attention. So all that's gonna do is sell more records. So, "thank you' to the people that own the Forum."

In the same interview, Blythe spoke about instigating the "Wall of Death" during last year's Ozzfest. At the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel in July, the lead singer directed the audience to part down the middle in front of the stage. On the count of four, Blythe ordered the two sides to charge one another, mirroring a famous battle scene from the 1995 Mel Gibson epic "Braveheart".

"Well, it comes from the old-school New York hardcore scene," Blythe answered when asked if the band ever fear for fans' safety while instigating the "Wall of Death." "I did it when I was a kid. It is pretty brutal. We haven't done that again in a long time, because I have seen people get hurt. We were warning people, like, "Look, if you don't know what's about to happen, get out of the way.' Particularly, our guitar player, Mark (Morton),won't even watch if we do that. He turns around, because he can't stand to watch it. It makes him feel kind of ill.

"You know, a good, crazy, violent (mosh) pit is a good time as long as it's a relief for everyone, but when people start breaking legs and stuff, it's no good. And I don't wanna be responsible for some kid gettin' paralyzed or losin' an eyeball or anything. So we've kind of laid off on that, but the kids call for it every day. They're doin' it on their own sometimes. It's like you're damned if you do, damned if you don't."

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