LEASH LAW Launch Drummer Search

July 12, 2004

LEASH LAW guitarist Emo Mowery (TIWANAKU, ex-NOCTURNUS) has issued the following update:

"As most of you already know our drummer Mr. Richard Christy has taken the place of Stuttering John of 'The Howard Stern Show'. All of us in LEASH LAW and TIWANAKU are very happy for him as he is living his dreams! We would never be the ones to stand in the way of Richard's or anyone's dreams for that matter!! We have stood by him to the fullest and at 200% through the whole auditioning process and will continue to stand by him in the days to come. He is and always will be our good friend — CREETCHURD. CONGRATULATIONS RICHARD!!!!!

"Richard has decided to move to New York permanently. In the beginning it was thought that he was going to go there and do his job for three months and then come back to Florida but he has decided to go there, to stay, whether the job lasts three months or more. We totally respect his decision!! After talking with him and the rest of the band/s we have decided that it is now in our best interest to find a replacement drummer for both of the bands. We hate to have to do this but, as the old saying goes, 'A band's got to do what a band's gotta do.' Richard has offered to keep recording with us and we have, of course, gladly accepted that, as long as we cannot find a replacement. Thanks Richard!

"We have had interest from some drummers ever since the news was out about Richard leaving ICED EARTH and then getting the gig with Stern. Auditions have commenced as of last Saturday with some very good results. We wish to audition anyone else out there that may be interested in tearing it up with LEASH LAW AND TIWANAKU. Yes we are looking for 'one' drummer for both of our bands so the best man will join two bands. If any of you crazy ass drummers out there are interested you can email us at [email protected]

"Come show us what you got!!!!!!!

"Thanks to ALL of the metal community and everyone else for supporting Richard and his dream!!!! He deserves it!!"

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